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Dart Financial Services LLC (DFS) is based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is a fee-only, independent investment advisory firm providing tax preparation and representation, investment management and financial planning services. 


DFS provides complete tax preparation and tax advice services for individuals, whether your needs are complex or simple. In particular, we advise on tax planning for retirement and assist those approaching retirement or already in retirement. DFS also specializes in providing tax preparation, financial planning and cross border tax and financial advice to British expatriates, individuals and families, who are resident in the United States. 


As a fiduciary, it is our responsibility to act solely in the best interest of each of our clients at all times, to act with honesty, good faith and fair dealing in working with clients and to provide fair and full disclosure of all material facts.


Please give us a call. Whether you’re interested in tax preparation, financial planning, investment advice or any combination, we’d love to get you know you and help you create a solid financial future you’re happy with.