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Dart Financial Services LLC (DFS) offers the following services. Everyone has a unique situation and we will focus on your individual needs. We will thoroughly and conscientiously study your personal situation, and tailor our advice to your specific needs. We offer the following services:

Tax Preparation and Tax Planning


DFS provides complete federal and state tax return preparation services for individuals and their families and can also prepare other necessary filings such as Fincen Form 114 (FBAR).  DFS can also provide tax advice and tax planning for specific situations or assets such as Roth conversions.


Financial Planning


DFS offers financial planning and consulting services involving investment and non-investment related matters including retirement planning, estate planning, college savings and tax planning. DFS offers assistance regarding major financial decisions. 


Depending on your needs, the financial planning can vary from a full review of your individual needs and goals to a targeted review of a specific need or specific assets, e.g. social security and retirement planning or education planning.


Portfolio Management Services


DFS offers ongoing non-discretionary portfolio management services based on your individual investment goals, time horizons, objectives and risk tolerance. Investment strategies, investment selection, asset allocation, portfolio monitoring and the overall investment program will be based on the above factors.